10 Mornings

Prior to my 10 day mornings test

Ever since last year, I’ve really wanted to start waking up in the morning to spend time with God, like around the times of 3am-5am, more specifically 4am. But this time just doesn’t work. It physically hurts. My eyes burn with tears. My body literally rejects me trying to get up. I think of all the reasons of why I need to sleep and I begin to debate with God as to how I will talk to Him later on in the day.

I then pull my blankets up close to me and snuggle in my sheets, drifting right back to sleep.


I’m at a point where I have this burning desire within me to give this whole waking up early thing another shot. But if I do it, I really want to be intentional about it.

I’m tired of waking up sporadically, sometimes waking up between 3am-5am and saying a 30 second prayer and falling back to sleep. I meannnnnnn I’m not trying to be all religious or anything, but 30 seconds for me at least, ain’t cutting it. I desire a craving that is so deep for God and I need Him more than ever at this stage of my life, so sacrificing an hour or two or however long, won’t kill me, but rather it will make me stronger and get me to the place God literally keeps pulling my heart too.

I know there are different theories about how long it takes to form a habit. Some say 21 days, some say 66. I don’t even know. But what I do know is that I am taking these next 10 days, starting tomorrow, January 4th till January 13th and I am seeking my Father early in the morn. 10 days isn’t alot, but its a start to see if this is something really worth doing.

I want to experience my Father in the quiet, when the world is sleep. I want to experience my Father void of noise and the hassle of everyday life and the troubles it brings. I want to experience my Father in the morning, at the break of day; letting Him fill my heart with the promises of His word and letting his passionate all consuming love infiltrate every fiber of my being.

10 days. That’s all you got Papa to show me what it means when you say “Your mercies are new every morning” and how in the morning “You hear my voice”.

Will my thoughts change? Will my days drastically become different? Will I be more at peace or will I be anxious. I have noooo idea what this outcome will be, but I’m along for the ride. Let’s see how this goes…join me!



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