Anchor in the Waves

One thing that I love about God is His affirmations. He is always affirming who I am, how He views me, who He is and who He can be to me.

Here is a peek into a convo I had with Papa one day while I was journaling, in a really tough period in my life.

“ I am taking you on a journey Kimberly. A very rewarding journey and fruitful one! Don’t stop trusting in me. Don’t trust in the process, but rather in Me and who I am; My character. Growth is really good! Your patience, your hope and your faith in Me is anchoring and growing deeper; being planted in deeper soil! “

You see, for the past couple of months, I have been facing different challenges and trials that have been really hard for me, good, but hard. Knowing that your hope is in God and really KNOWING that He is YOUR hope are totally different things especially when tornadoes are surrounding you.

For one situation in particular, I thought my hope was in Pops. I kept saying to myself my hope is in God, my hope is in God, almost as if I had to convince myself. But when I tell you that once I received news back about the situation and it didn’t pan out the way I wanted it to, my hope was completely CRUSHEDDDD.

It felt like someone sucked out all of the air out my lungs and kicked me in the stomach. Hope deferred for sure makes the heart sick and my heart was sick! My hope wasn’t really in Pops. My hope was in myself to make something come to fruition, through my own power.

Since that instance, Pops really took me through a time of healing and showing me how to put my hope in Him; to make Him my hope. For Him to BE hope. To trade my weakness for His strength. To trade my sorrow for His joy. To trade my hopelessness for His hope! To rejoice in hope (because from hope produces character looking more like Him!), to be patient in tribulation, & constant in prayer!

It’s an ongoing journey, a journey that I have started to enjoy somewhat. I haven’t arrived at this place of complete perfect hopefulness, but I am discovering the beauty of hope everyday; it’s messy but nonetheless beautiful.

I choose to celebrate my progress every single day to discovering the fullness of what it means to have my hope anchored within Him; to be able to have storms and vicious waves surround me and my hope being constant and steadfast in Daddy’s character.

It starts with knowing that God is a good Daddy. A Daddy who gives good gifts to His children. One who is perfect in character and perfect in His intentions towards us. One who rejoices in hope and in our/my progress of discovering who He is; rooting for us every step of the way!

I encourage you to seek Pops regarding situations within your life that may seem hopeless or feel hopeless. Ask Him to show who you who He can be to you and how He views the situation. I promise you He sees the situation through a lens of hope and life!

Let the King of my Heart

Be the wind behind my sail

The anchor in the waves

He is my song….


be anchored in Hope Himself.


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