Chambers of the King

Excerpt from The Kaleo Diary


Late in the evening, I was whisked away by two of the king’s eunuch’s, Arash and Mirza, which I have spent much time with during the duration of my stay in the harem. They have become my friends and have taught me many things about the king that will aide me in winning his favor.  My time has come to meet the king .The king himself has summoned me.

With one eunuch on my left and the other on my right, we walked slowly down the darkly lit corridor into the king’s chamber. I could feel my heart pounding. My throat was tight and my hands were sweaty. I had no idea what was about to take place, but I knew in my heart that Yahweh was with me.

Arash and Mirza walked with me all the way to the end of the corridor and a large door stood before us; the king was beyond the door awaiting my presence. They kissed the palms of my hands out of respect and left me at once. As they turned around and rushed away, the light fled from the corridor due to the fire torches they were carrying rapidly away with them. I was left in the dark. It was just me.

I gazed upon the door that stood erect in front of me. The two studded doors were made of steel and the doorknobs were made of golden brass-iron. Engraved within the door, were horsemen and their chariots ready for battle, poised with such greatness. My hands grazed over the horsemen and I could feel the strength and the inspiration of the craftsman who carved these images into them. I could not help but think about the mighty acts King Xerxes had victory over; the mighty battles he had been victorious in and how his providence spread from India to Ethiopia. I could not believe that I was about to come face to face with the king who ruled over 127 provinces! My legs began to tremble in fear….

It was time.

I pushed the doors open with all the strength I had and entered his chambers. Instantly, I felt a rush of cool air. The necklace that Hegai advised me to wear was pressed against my bare chest and I could now feel the weight of it. Goosebumps formed below my neck and raced all the way to the ends of my arms. I decided to keep my bracelet on that was given to me by my Uncle Makiel. I know that my bracelet will probably give hints to who I really am but I cannot take it off. If the king asks me about my bracelet and what I means, I will have to explain.

I stared in amazement at the room that I was before me. If a room could not have been any more glorious! My heart beat fast with every step I took along the coolness of the marble floors, sending chills up my spine. The room was lightly dimmed with candles tracing the sides of the walls. I placed my hand on the engraved walls to feel the inscription of designs that the sculptors had crafted. I closed my eyes and took in the aroma and aura of the room. I rested my head against the column pillars as I was having a flashback to when I was a child. I breathed in the smell of a thousand flowers, flowers that my cousin Mordecai grew during the spring months to freshen the air within our house and to create a sense of life and new growth that was found in the Earth during this wonderful season.

My eyes instantly flew open when I heard footsteps approaching me. My heart began to flutter in nervousness. The king was approaching and I could feel the anticipation within myself about to explode. My eyes darted back and forth, trying to gather and process the dark shadows that were moving ever so quickly upon me. I stood in complete solitude with a heart that could not control itself. As he drew nearer with every step, I could smell his royal scent. I could feel his regal presence drawing closer. I gracefully kneeled and lied on my hands and feet in utter surrender and respect of King Xerxes.

He then stopped walking and stood about five feet away from me…

The Kaleo Diary: Book Coming Soon

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